How To Find EE e-Books On Line


As the name of this project is, “how to find EE e-books online”. So in this project we have tried our best to cover many useful resources by which students of electronics engineering can have a lot helpful knowledge. We have also mentioned the hurdles, which are faced during finding any required e-books. Then we have described some solutions to those hurdles. In this project report we have also described some useful search sites for finding EE e-books online. More over we have described how to use search engines (like, Wikipedia etc). For the easiness of students we have given some examples how to use searching sites o get EE e-books online. In short It can be said that after having a perfect study of this report reader would be clear about the use of internet for getting EE e-books online, kinds of search engines, working pattern of the search engine, and how we can easily reach to the required optimal e-book.


We (Muhammad Irfan Rao and Muhammad Waleed Khalid) have mutually worked out the project, “how o find EE e-books online”. We had lot of problems while we were working at this project we had been assigned. With the guidelines of our teacher and seniors we together started work at our town risk. We had never used searching sites for getting e-books before this chance. But now as we have worked at this project, we have got a lot of information about the e-books specially EE e-books.
This project report was prepared with our mutual work. The material for this project report was collected from various web sources. The pattern of this project report was adopted with the help of ALAN SMITHEE’S book HOW TO WRITE A TECHNICAL REPORT. Further that the material for this report was collected from various sites. We are very thankful to our teacher for his sincere guidelines, because his noble guidance played a very vital role to complete this project. Also we are thankful to our classmates, friends and seniors. At the end it’s dedicated to our teacher Dr. Junaid Qadir. A special thanks for assigning us so informative project which would have an everlasting impression on our educational life.


When we go to introduce this project title “how to find EE e-books online” we should first come to know that what the e-books are. E-book stands for electronic book. It is a best replacement of printed books. The difference between an e-book and a conventional book is the use of digital media in e-book instead of papers and ink as in conventional printed books. E-books are read on personal computers. They can also be read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book readers or e-book devices. Many mobile phones can also be used to read e-books.
Firstly these books were introduced by the authors who were not able to publish their creations, so they used web as a source in order to introduce themselves among the readers and also in market. Due to this the e-books can be accessed easily without going to markets.

  • Why needed to download an e-book…

In order to save the time (instead of visiting market we get direct and easy access through the web).
Updated versions of books can be had.
Most of the reference books can be had.
In order to get familiar with the best and latest research world wide

  • Main theme…

For downloading an e-book we must be familiar with the first and the last step taken to achieve this purpose. Optimal book sources can be easily accessed using the search engines like Google. So, whenever we need an e-book first step should be the consultation with the search engine. Next is the selection of the best book source or sites providing online e-books. After finding an e-book according to our requirement we will be able to download that book. Now next we face the downloading complexity. Books are provided either free or we pay for downloading an e-book. Before downloading we must be familiar with the font of the book provided on the site and also, which kind of reader should be used to read that book. When a consumer clicks on the hyperlink then a conversation starts between the e-book server and the consumer’s computer which tells the server if a copy of the appropriate e-book reader software is installed on the consumer’s computer. There happens a transfer of EBX file and once downloaded this file is executed. Then appropriate book reading software opens that file to display the content. The provided material may be in html.text, pdf, docx, or may be of any other type, according to which the book reader would be selected. So, for downloading a book following steps should be taken be taken which easily introduce the project also
• Consulting a search engine
• Selecting optimal source or link
• Selecting appropriate font
• Downloading a book


To be familiars with the optimal book sources

  • Possible ways to find these book sources
  • To buy a book online or get it free
  • Complexities in downloading an e-book
  • To be familiar with fonts of the books available online

So we can summarize that through this project the EE students would be able to enhance their knowledge, using free e-books online and also how they can easily find an then download a book to study. Thus it would have an everlasting impression on their knowledge skills and help them to improve their productivity rate through downloading up to date books and accessing them easily.

Importance of defined objectives

  • Students would get a opportunity to know about the best knowledge resources in the shape of e-books and being Electric-engineers it would help them in enhancing their professional productivity.
  • Being consumers , they would be able to know all the authentic ways of finding the desired e-book and also they would be able to reach the appropriate source using the search engines, that may help them to find a book with reasonable font, desired edition, complete accessibility and latest updated versions of the books.
  • Either a consumer is interested in buying g a book or desirous of getting it free. He may face the problem to reach the appropriate source. But due to advancement in the field of information technology it has become easier to solve such quires. Here they would be able to buy a book online and also getting it free through easy download links, which are explained in the later section.
  • Student would be able to get the book material either in Pdf, docx, html.text, or any other type. So that it would become easy for them to deal with the book reading soft wares.
  • They would become familiar with the scope of the e-books, their possible updates, possible difficulties during web browsing, complete downloading a book, some useful links that can help in searching a book and also the students would be able to visit the e-libraries of international universities.

Main applications

Role of search engines in finding e-books

Whenever a student a person or a consumer is interested in finding and downloading an e-book, then the first step to be taken by him is consulting a search engine. There are many types of search engines that serve the purpose of finding authentic required media. Some of these search engines are of following types

And many more
So the role of a search engine is to give us information of all the possible sites which provide e-books. As soon as we visit any search engine, by typing the required e-book’s title we get all the possible titles of the relevant sources. Next step is to go to the web page while browsing. Search engines provide as many links as we can expect from them. Through them we can reach the sites providing best up to date e-book available world wide. Hence for a search engine we need only to write the name or background data of the required book and we get a list of site-links providing that kind of e-books, either free or commercial

Some useful resources

So we contact or consult any search engine like Google then it shows all the possible book sources about the required book. But selecting the best source is the main problem. Being engineering students we need books which are free of any cost or if it is required to buy then they must be very low cost. There are thousands of the web sites which provide the books either free of any cost or at a very low cost that seem to be very economical and with the simple format. Some of the book source links are given bellow

Downloading a required book

The complete process of downloading an e-book can be summarized by the following way. The first stem should be the consultation with the search engine second step should be the browsing, third step should be the selection of the book, fourth step should be the appropriate format selection and fifth should be the downloading (either through download link or direct download)… here first an application is sent to the search engine, search engine would show the related results of the applied application. Next we select the best book source link by going through two, three or more link sites displayed by the search engine. Then is the selection of font in which book is available. And then is the process of downloading that book. following demo summarizes all the steps taken…..

Hurdles in searching and downloading e-books

Facing a difficult situation in downloading a book might not be necessary. But some time we may fall a victim to it. These hurdles may be in the selection of an appropriate search engine, finding an appropriate site, the possible download link, font of the book, market value of the book which is to be downloaded, there may not be the latest versions or we may lack the exact book reading software. Book might be available in different fonts. While each of the book reading software can specify only one or two kind of fonts (although many of them have complete features). Due to this reason reader faces difficulty in finding an e-book that is in required format. Similarly finding the latest and free version of a book is another query. Similarly when ever we are interested in finding an e-book, we start searching through the search engines, and mostly, during browsing we face irrelevant messages and pictures (which have the basic purpose of advertisement) this also causes a lose of time and hence a hurdle in easy download of a book. Similarly, books with copy right can be downloaded after paying but these books can serve one and only one person. They can’t be transferred to other readers. Bandwidth is another hurdle in this case

Solutions of hurdles

First the consumer should know about right selection of search engine for finding EE e-books. Consumer should have idea about the search engines, that what kind of information about the e-books they provide. An ideal search engine should be such that it supplies all the required data or relevant links accordingly with the application.

  • More over consumer should know about the correct sites for the books. Because search engines usually provide many sites for our required e-books. But all these sites may not match the requirement. They might be providing other versions, hence, if consumer knows about the exact source , it would become easier for him to reach the destination
  • Mostly there happens that books are written in different fonts. They may be in Pdf or in doc.x or in other fonts. And these fonts may not be readable in the consumer’s computer. To overcome such difficulty consumer should access other search engines and sites also from where he would get e-books in the font readable at his computer and another solution to this hurdle installing the exact book reading software.
  • To overcome the problem about the market status of the e-book the consumer should know about the sites which provide e-books free of cost or share them for some time limit. A book downloaded from such links would be easily shareable.
  • While downloading a book band width is another problem which can only be solved depending upon consumer’s internet connection available
  • Instead of facing the download complexity there are many online libraries. We just need to log on and we can read the thousands of books they provide online. In such case consumer

Digital e-books

Now days digital book readers have also been introduced. In these book readers we only install the software that can read different types of formats. We can easily take these readers wherever we desire, as they fit into the palm of our hand. Their size is user friendly. E-books related to such devices are also available at the links mentioned above.


Ict has been serving the humanity since a long time ago. This project is also an application of the use of ict in enhancing the knowledge of the Electric engineers through finding the books related to their course they are studying. Here we came to know that how actually we can reach the destination of finding an appropriate book online. We learnt how to deal with the search engines in a better way. We learnt that there are different kinds of such programs that can easily lead us to search an e-book source. Next we came to know about the importance of the e-books in daily life of a student. Similarly we achieved to know that there are different types of sites which provide the EE e-books online. Depending on our temperament and need we can download the book that might be free of any cost or the books which are available commercially. We faced the hurdles in downloading a book such as improper link provided by the search engine, sites which introduced the books only for the commercial purpose, problem of the band width during downloading the desired book. this project tells about a complete process of downloading the book. First, finding the appropriate links through the search engine, second, browsing the links, third, selecting the optimal book according to our requirement, fourth, and downloading that selected book having the appropriate font. We also cam to know that modern search in ict has invented the device (e-book reader) and now not only we can easily download the book but at the same time we can study them in a more advanced and better way. Similarly there are present on line national and international libraries from which we can take benefit with out facing the download complexity. We log on and read the desired books by the time.


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