What is a video lecture?

It is an educational lecture designed to be posted online. These lectures are recorded and then uploaded to a certain websites. These video lectures can be accessed from their designated websites at any time.
Our main objective is to describe some of their sources, and then explain how to access these video lectures and use them effectively.

Before we talk about their sources it is important to know that why are video lectures important and why do we need them.
Basically while you are attending a routine lecture it is difficult to grab all the concepts. Also it is possible that you might miss some important points.
Some times even you might miss a whole lecture for one reason or the other. So what to do in that case?
And as I think the one possible answer is that: Go to the internet and look for video lectures on that topic. We have listed below some of the video lecture resources that provide a great help in viewing video lectures on any subject.
The importance of video lectures can be understood from the fact that they are produced by world’s most high standard universities and it is important that every one should try to access them.


Massachusetts institute of technology the worlds No1 Engineering Institute provides the best video lectures delivered by its most competent lecturers and completely free of cost to any user anywhere in the world. This source provides video lectures on almost each subject e.g. Economics Medicine Engineering etc which are most important to a student. The website that takes us to MIT OCW is


A video sharing website that contains millions of videos which are uploaded by different persons of the world. We can use YouTube to find videos and video lectures which are related to our subject. Just type the subject in the YouTube’s search box and click search. Within no time you will find hundreds of video lectures on your desired subject. The web address that takes us to world of YouTube is:

This is also a video sharing website that helps teachers to better perform their duty of teaching. It is equally helpful for students as well. Just type the subjects name in the search box and you will be able to access video tutorials on that subject. However this website only shows short videos and not very long videos. So it is convenient to use this website when you are having a slow internet connection. The web address of this site is


This is also a video sharing website which can provide video lectures on the desired subject. The advantage of this website is that it has links to other video sharing websites so that to give the best possible search results. Also this website provides a facility of giving alerts to the email address of the user about the latest videos on the topic he wants. For example if a person wants latest video lectures on calculus then he will have to click the link latest videos on calculus which will be on left side downwards on the page. After following some further simple steps the Google alert will be created and whenever you will open your inbox you will find the alert on your subject. The web address of the Google video is:


This is a completely educational website which provides free video lectures on almost each subject of Electrical Engineering. However to view these video lectures, a high speed internet connection is needed and highly recommended that to use the MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER. The URL is:

6 .
This is a comprehensive site which provides Video lectures; Audio lectures etc in the fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine etc FREE to all who want to access it… This site provides free video/audio lectures of whole courses conducted by faculty from universities all around the world. The address of this wonderful website is :
This site contains large number of video lectures that are completely free. The web
address of this site is :
This site also contains free video lectures which are on a variety of topics including engineering subjects. These video lectures are very good and to the point. The address of this website is :
This is a site that has interactive streaming video lectures. It covers almost all of the topics that are encountered by an Electrical Engineering student. This website has its own particular style of delivering video lectures. To view these video lectures FLASH player is needed.
The URL is

Truveo is also a large scale video sharing site like YouTube. Just type the name of the subject in truveo’s search box and hit the ENTER key. It will show hundreds of video lectures on the subject you want. The url is
All of the sources described above provide free video lectures and you don’t have to look for your CREDIT CARD!
Video lectures on YouTube, Google video, MIT etc are downloadable. These video lectures can be downloaded by using some software (like hidownload, orbitdownloader and internet download manager) and websites like, savevid, etc.

Streaming videos:
“Streaming video is a sequence of "moving images" that are sent in compressed form over the web and d viewer can view them as they arrive. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a large file before seeing the video or hearing the sound. The media is sent in a continuous stream and is played as it arrives. The user in order to view these videos needs a player, which is a special program that uncompresses and sends data to be viewed.” (from WIKIPEDIA)
These videos are not downloadable by ordinary softwares. To download these videos you have to buy softwares from the internet . These softwares record the videos as you play them. These videos can be then be viewed without an internet connection.
Some examples of these softwares are
These softwares can be bought and installed from:

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