Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is software which is used for graphics purposes. It can be defined in many ways; some of the definitions which I have gotten from the source of internet are as under,
“A popular program for creating and modifying images for the web, With Photoshop, you can change the color, size, and scale of graphics among other.”
From above we can conclude a definition,
“Adobe Photoshop is a kind of application software which is used for creating, editing, and modifying images and Photographs”
“Adobe Photoshop is a digital graphics editing program. It is the leader for commercial Bitmap editing and image manipulation. It is considered by many to be the industry standard for desktop graphics editing and is available for the Windows/Mac operating systems.

The windows containing different items and tools, that are used in Adobe Photoshop is known as the workspace of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop tool Bar:
The bar containing different tools of Photoshop is called the tool bar. Some of the common tools, which have much use in Photoshop, are marquee tool, Move tool, Lasso tool, Magic tool, Crop tool, Slice tool, pencil tool, Color replace tool, Brush tool etc.

i. The MRQUEE tool it is used for selecting an area.

ii. The LASSO tool used for selecting an area, but this is used for a more detailed selections. I.e. it is better than MAEQUEE tool.

iii. The RED EYE tool used for removing the red color due to the reflection of flash.

iv. The COLOR REPLACEMENT tool used for replacing or changing colors.

v. The ERASER tool used for removing some part of an image.

vi. The PAINT BUCKET tool used for changing color in an image.
And so on…
Other tools are, Move tool, Magic wand tool, crop tool, Slice tool, Healing brush tool, Pencil tool, etc. etc.
These tools are used for different purposes when they are need; there are many other tools which are used for different purposes.
Photoshop is used by the professionals and graphic design artists for different purposes. With Photoshop we can modify pictures and images i.e. re-sizing, cropping, rotating, drawing and erasing of pictures etc.

One of the most important concepts in graphic software is the proper use and manipulation of layers. A layer can be thought of as an individual "slice" of an image that is sandwiched together. The major advantage of using layers is that you can easily manage and edit pieces of your artwork without disturbing the rest.
An easy way to picture this concept is to imagine that you are looking out a window. Now if you were to draw a picture on the window, you would essentially have a layer that can be edited without affecting the background image.
It is important to note that layers are not compatible with some image formats and the image will have to be flattened. Also note that layers will increase the file size and proper management will have to be performed to keep your files healthy and efficient.

The most important feature of Photoshop is photo editing some discription for photo editing are as under;
With Photoshop we can change the background of an image or a photograph. Different background c
an be added to a photograph.
First, get out the magic wand tool. It can be found next to the lasso tool and below the move tool. Then look at the background. If it is 100% one color, set the Tolerance to 0 (If you don't know what that means, please refer to the basics tutorial) Otherwise, set it slightly higher (use this method only on solid or mostly solid backgrounds).

Adding Colors:
we can add different colors to a photographwith the help of photoshop.
colors can added as, first select he desire place with marquee tool and then pour the color through the brush.
Adding text: In Adoe photoshop text or notes to an image/picture can also be added.

Removing objects:
With this application of Photoshop we can remove and add different objects. With this we can change the whole style of an image or a picture. We can remove the unpleasant objects and can add some pleasant and beautiful things.
Adding borders: Photoshop helps us to add different kinds of borders and frames to images and pictures. By doing this we can create beautiful and sophisticated images and pictures.
Adobe Photoshop have many other applications but I think that the main are those that I have discussed above.
Other objectives are; changing size, rotating an image, adding light effects, creating new styles, editing the colors, adding different designs, drawings (lines, circles etc.) and reflections of pictures etc.
These all things can be done by using different tools in the Adobe Photoshop.

Importance of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is very important for designers and professionals because with Photoshop different designs and new looks are created by the professional photographers and designers. This programe have facilitated the work of professionals designers and photographers.

Photographers: Photoshop is very important for Photographers and designers, as I have discussed in the above paragraph. This is a need for Photographers and designers. The can modify pictures by using Photoshop and give new looks to pictures.

There are many applications of Adobe Photoshop, some of them are as under (which are in my knowledge):
Adobe Photoshop has many applications in different fields.
Especially in designing and in Photography this program has vast applications. As it is a graphics program so it has most uses in the Designing and in Photography. So this program is mostly used by the Photographers and designers to comfort and to sophisticate their work.
In photography Photoshop has many applications. Most of the photographers use this software to apply different affects to different kinds of picture, images and photographs. This is very helpful for them; they use its different applications to add light effects, borders, frames and change the background etc.
Now-a-days Photoshop (Advance editions i.e. CS3 and CS4 Extended) are use to edit different types of videos. So this is an important feature of the Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop has many uses. Especially in the field of designing and photography it has a great importance.
This program is used by the photographers for editing different photos and images.
Now-a-days some latest editions of adobe Photoshop are being used for video editing for example, CS3 and CS4 Extended are used for such purposes (video editing).
Similarly designers also use Photoshop for different designing.

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