"Flowgram is a modern way to communicate, express or present your ideas using web content, photos, documents, audio/video and RSS feeds."

Creator of Flowgram


It was created by Abhay Parekh of USA. It is launched as a cloud software yet and is beta version.


Suppose a person has a huge collection of photos, documents, audio/video which he wants to share with his friends/colleagues. The only way that he could use to display his collection was present photos or documents, audio or video separately. PowerPoint was the only tool available at that time which could be used to present photos and documents collectively but it was not convenient and a natural way. So there was a need of such a program which could be used for the presentation of whole stuff in a single package making it more interactive for others.

Brief Introduction

Flowgram is a modern tool of presentation. It combines the advantages of slide presentations and screen casts with an interactive interface.
A good presentation can be created in few steps using flowgram.
It is then shared on the World Wide Web within no time.
An astonishing feature of flowgram is its Live Web Pages.
You can add custom pages that can be edited after at any time. Add notes, audio narration of your own to explain things better so that viewer may not have any obstacle in understanding theme or idea.

How to create Flowgram?

Step 1

Click here to log on flowgram web site and create new user and sign in.

Step 2

Go to the tab "make a new flowgram."

Step 3

Flowgram provides different tools to make presentation more enhanced and interactive with user friendly interface (as shown in screen shot).

Adding Web Pages

1) Go to the web pages icon
2) Write the destination for the website which is to be inserted in flowgram presentation.
3) After undergoing the above mentioned procedure web page will be uploaded automatically as a live web page in flowgram presentation.

Adding Images

To make a presentation more attractive having a natural look user may require adding high quality photos and images.
Unlike other traditional methods flowgram offers dual access to upload images.

Adding Documents

Flowgram has a feature to add document files. Flowgram supports document files of different format like .doc, .ppt, .pdf.

Add Custom Pages

Flowgram has "Custom page" feature. The custom page have the basic text editing like font style, size, color etc functionality as provided by the most of word processing programs.
Add Background Audio
Presentations can be made better by adding audio in background. Moreover user can add narration to his flowgram presentation.

Sharing Flowgram

Flowgram allows user to share his presentation through a number of ways which are email, YouTube etc.
Flowgram presentation can also be made public. Public flowgrams are searchable by any one and may be included in the different sections and categories on

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