Latex is a software or a document preparation system for the TeX typesetting program. Latex is also a kind of markup language.

Latex is most widely used in professional fields. Usually scientists, engineers and mathematicians prefer to use latex in preparation of important documents. LaTeX is a kind of system that forces the author to concentrate on material of document and not on its visual display. So authors don’t have to worry how document looks like.

The reason for its widespread use lies in the fact that it allows you to write mathematical equations and to draw mathematical models. Text editors are used to work with latex and to edit .tex files. Emacs text editor is shown in figure.

Once a tex file is made on latex using a text editor , then this file can be converted to PDF format for viewing or printing.

How to Install LaTeX: If you are a new user and want to install LaTeX you will also have to install Winedt or any other text editor to work with LaTeX . For installing LaTeX, MikTeX is installed which is a name of LaTeX for windows. Then I would prefer to install Winedt text editor. Miktex can be installed from following website :


for installing Winedt, you can visit:

Document structure in LaTeX:

The document structure in latex is quite different from that of Microsoft word. User will have to use different latex commands to format in latex.
Usually the document structure in latex is as follows:



\section{name of section}

The text from \documentclass until \begin{document} is called preamble. It is necessary to have a preamble before beginning the document.

In the preamble, the document class tells that what kind of document you have to write like article, report, book or something else.

After preamble, you use \begin{document} command to start your document.
Then you put your text where dots are. After completing your document, you will have to use \end{document} command to tell latex that document has been completed. There are also many other commands for other operations which are also simple. Remember, you can do this on a text editor.
Following links can be followed to get more details about LaTeX:


Everything from \documentclass until \begin{document} command is called preamble. In preamble , type of document and font size is described. Packages are also loaded in preamble. Preamble is not visible in final print but it only defines the syntax and structure of document.

Inserting hyperlinks:
There are simple commands used in LaTeX for inserting hyperlinks in the document. The case is not same as in Microsoft office. For example if we want to use a hyperlink for, we will have to use following commands:

While writing a document in latex, we will find that there are some problems which basic latex cannot solve. For example, if we have to include graphics or colored text, then we cannot simply insert them as in case of Microsoft word. We will have to use special packages for this purpose. We will have to load concerned packages in preamble. Then we can insert image or use graphics in the document.

How to Create TeX and PDF files:

Now if you have completed writing text, you should save the file in order to make it a tex file. After saving, click on texify tab to remove any errors. If there are any errors , those errors will be displayed at the bottom of the document. When you texify the document, this would also enable many other tabs like DVI preview tab and many others.
Now you should convert the file to PDF format by clicking on PDF latex tab. There are also many other commands for other operations which are also simple.

Why to use LaTeX rather than Microsoft word:
LaTeX has many features which Microsoft word doesn’t have:
• We can use mathematical or physical equations in LaTeX which is difficult in case of Microsoft word.
• Unlike Microsoft word, LaTeX can now which part of document is title or section.
• We can draw and analyze mathematical models in LaTeX.

Uses and applications of LaTeX:
• It is a good typesetting system for professionals. It can be used in making documents which have mathematical equations or mathematical symbols.
• Different mathematical models can be drawn and analysed on latex.
• It can be helpful in business and can be used for commercial purposes.

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