How to use social networking software (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others) to increase engineering productivity?

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Social sites have grown in number and variety in the past years and many now offer opportunities for students and professionals to network in a serious manner. Whether you are preparing for your first job or making a change with an established career, connecting with others in your field will not only help you get started, but be an enhancement for your career as you continue to grow. These 50 social sites provide a chance for you to find others through professional networking sites, meet others in your field, find employment, and more.

There are many web 2.0 tools which allow social networking to use in a very efficient way.


This project is about “How to use social networking software and websites to increase engineering productivity”

Some websites and applications include
o Facebook
o Twitter
o LinkedIn
o YouTube

Some social networking software include
• MS SharePoint
• Net Meeting
• mIRC

In the modern era where technological advancement is rapid, engineers need to be proficient in their field. They must remain up to date with the latest developments to be able to survive the competition. People related to the field can be really helpful to students desirous of learning and discussing their problems and to have information about new advancements. The social interaction with professionals can be helpful making vital contacts in the field. Similarly alumni can be of great help to their juniors by sharing their experience with them. Engineers must have good communication skills in order to excel in their field.
Social networking helps engineers to keep track of engineering related events, their precise location and time so that people may set their schedules accordingly. Interaction with professionals not only enhances the learning of engineers but improves their communication skills as well. Engineers are able to portray their creativity using these social networks as a very cheap yet huge platform consisting of the entire world. Online forums can be the problem solver for engineers and students as experts and alumni respond to queries there.


Twitter is an interesting social networking site. It's a micro blog site that centers around one question. "What are you doing?" Responses are limited to 140 characters and people using the site will write about a variety of topics from professional networking events to mundane issues like when they're going to sleep for the night. It takes a few weeks to start building a following on Twitter, but it can be a great relationship tool for information about engineering activities around the globe.
With quality posts, provocative thoughts and self promotion one can get numerous followers. With these brief posts interesting and useful discussions are started. Similarly Professionals and people related to engineering field can be followed and a lot can be learned in a very short span of time as many professionals and thought leaders post 10 times a day.
Following professionals and alumni on twitter can be helpful in many ways; some of them are written below
• Information about upcoming Engineering Workshops and events can be known

Professionals taking part in different workshops and events put such information in their status on twitter which the followers can view and thus set their schedule or get all the arrangements done for the participation.

• Useful websites and applications put up by professionals can be known

Professionals often put various useful websites and applications for those who ask about them or if they think that those websites are very useful. Students are saved a lot of time and energy searching for good resources online.

• Engineers and students can put forward their ideas about new technologies and projects which are in the making.

Professionals taking part in a project which is in the making let people know about them and engineers related to the field can put up their ideas about it.

• Engineers and students can give their comments and feedback about projects in the making

Similarly engineers can give suggestions and feedback to the professionals using twitter which otherwise seems impossible

• Students can have actual conversation with thought leaders in the field
Students can discuss their innovative ideas with thought leaders in the field using twitter as professionals do not respond to e-mails from anonymous people


Facebook, formerly The Facebook, is a popular, free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc.[1] Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people. People can also add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves. [Wikipedia]
Facebook can be used by engineers to help them become proficient in their field. Following features of facebook can be used by engineers to their advantage
Engineers may join groups related to their field where they can share their ideas and learn from other users which are in the same profession. Joining a group of a university can help finding the alumni in the related field and students can seek help from them.
Discussions on relevant topics can be done which helps engineers use and share their knowledge enhancing their learning and communication skills.

Facebook users may choose to join one or more networks, organized by city, workplace, school, and region. Engineers may join the network of their company or university to help people identify them and vice versa.

Online lectures can be viewed using this useful tool. Students and Professors can upload their videos which they think can be useful to other engineering related people. Facebook also allows people to put videos links from other websites as well e.g Youtube Videos
Instant Messaging
Accessing engineers made easy by this tool. Students can discuss their problems or ask alumni or professionals anything with this tool.


There are applications on facebook which engineers can use to their benefit.
YouTube Box For Sharing Online videos e.g Online Engineering Lectures etc

Any Internet content not requiring logging in (user/password) to view it, and exported in RSS/Atom/XML format may (and eventually will) be viewed via this Application.
Feeds are added by the Application Users

YouTube is primarily a video sharing website where people can upload their videos.
Engineers can use YouTube for watching lectures, workshops and other videos related to their field. YouTube is also a great tool for uploading a video tutorial for different software etc. Engineers can also take benefit from this feature e.g. Electrical Engineering students may learn how to use MATLAB™ and MULTISIM™ by watching video tutorials on YouTube.


The Important Features of Spree

SPREE can be the most useful social networking software for engineers.

SPREE is an expert search engine where users ask questions to find other participating users, who
are knowledgeable in that area and willing to help. Electronics Engineers can utilize this software to a great extent

SPREE identifies the most qualified experts to a given question automatically and in real-time.

SPREE facilitates real-time communication between users and experts via its chat interface.

SPREE aims to create an active online community, especially in enterprises, where every user can ask questions or act as an expert helping fellow users.

SPREE helps you find answers you can't find on the web. It's a great way to network with fellow professionals and get answers and advice from knowledgeable sources

Details can be viewed from this link SPREE

Online Lectures
Online Lectures can be foung on TeachersTube

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