Finding EE tutorial is our semester project in the course of Fundamentals of ICT. The project is aimed to find out such websites which provides online EE tutorials. So that to save time & get visit of the best resources available. Using these resources a student especially the students of electrical or electronics engineering can get help to a great extant because: Using online tutorials a student can get help relevant to his/her studies and may also play a key role in raising his/her standard of research. Similarly online tutorials are not only helpful for electrical or electronic engineering students but also for other fields of engineering, science and technology. In the same way online tutorials can provide an environment to solve the complication of life of any person. Thus keeping in view the above mentioned importance of online EE tutorials there should be such easy compatible and shortcut ways to get the best resources available on the net.

In the same way a student with a great thirst for knowledge or may be a student lagging behind his class or his/her tutor can minimize his/her deficiencies in certain topics using online tutorials. Also the student who wants to be at the top of his or her academic society, the tutorials can play a role in this regard. Thus from the above discussion it is concluded that EE tutorials online can play a vital role in improving the studies of student.


In thisproject our main objective was to point out those best available resources on line at different sites & different addresses.

 To get some results & important conclusions from the available resources.
 To categorize the available data according to different hierarchical schemes.
 To make some classification according to the type of data available.
 Highlighting main sources, sites & important data.
 To figure out how Pictorial and visual tutorials differ a how are both important.
 How RSS feeds and related latest tools can help finding EE tutorials


Common uses of electronics in daily life include wireless internet, music recording and playback, digital cameras—both still and video, and in health diagnosis, research and treatment equipment. The use of electronics is much more common amongst a younger age group than ever before.

The youngsters or people of any age can apply electronics in their daily life only if they know the way of implementation. This all is possible if they have some tutorial material with them without any help no one can do anything. When online tutorial are there for them it will be easy for the people to implement the electronic equipments in their life and so to improve their lifestyle


Following are the main sites available on line:

i. web-ee.com/tutorials
ii. engineering tv.com
iii. power electronics.com
iv. ee.com planet ee.com
v. tutorials java.sun.com
vi. michaelgells.tripod.com
vii. india.net/java/jee5 rose india.com
viii. ee.survey.ac.uk.com
ix. tutorials.com electronics tutorials.com
x. rfcafe.com
xi. cms.jcu.edu.au/libcomp.com
xii. freebyte.com/electronics
xiii. elexp.com
xiv. docnmail.com
xv. circut-magic.com


Our project is basically aimed to find EE tutorials online that is we have to find such URL of tutorials that are easy to excess and that contain well explained topics so that to save time . From this project w
With the grace of GOD we are thankful to all mighty Allah that our project is completed. We people are also thankful to those which helped us in completing our project. We hope that our project will be helpful to the people in future.

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